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Sep 6 2017

Which Schools Offer Online Criminal Psychology Courses? #criminal #psychology #courses #online, #which #schools #offer #online #criminal #psychology #courses?


Which Schools Offer Online Criminal Psychology Courses?

Online criminal psychology courses teach students to observe and identify the psychological workings of a criminal mind. They also teach students to become expert witnesses in criminal proceedings. Following is information about some schools that offer online criminal psychology courses. Schools offering Forensic Psychology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Overview of Criminal Psychology Courses

Although criminal psychology courses can be found online, a student with an interest in criminal psychology can also benefit from courses in forensic psychology. The schools listed here offer online courses in criminal psychology or forensic psychology, or both.

Important Facts About the Criminal Psychology Field

Bachelor’s degree from accredited university

Criminologist, Police Detective, Caseworker, Corrections Officer

Forensic Mental Health Assessment: A Principles-Based Model, The Risk Assessment of Suicidal Clients

Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology, Certificate in Forensic Mental Health

Southern New Hampshire University

The curriculum of the online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Forensic Psychology program offered by Southern New Hampshire University contains both criminal psychology and forensic psychology courses. In the former, students learn about the psychosocial factors influencing criminal behavior. Topics addressed in the forensic psychology course include social psychology, sociology of crime and violence

University of North Dakota

University of Dakota offers a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology that students can pursue online. A foundational course in forensic psychology offers study in the psychological aspects of malingering, custody cases and sanity assessments. A course in psychology and law examines the how psychological theories are applied to issues within the legal system.

Saint Leo University

A forensic science specialization is offered to students of the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice at Saint Leo University. An introductory course in forensic psychology studies the use of behavioral science tools to assess criminals, victims and even law enforcement personnel. One course, psychopathology of criminal behavior, examines the influence of psychological disorders on criminal behavior.

Liberty University

Liberty University Online has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Criminal Psychology program that explores psychological perspectives of criminal behavior. The program’s criminal psychology course provides students with the opportunity to learn about sociological and psychopathological factors that play a part in how the criminal mind works.

Argosy University

A course titled ‘Psychology of Criminal Behavior’ is included in the curriculum of Argosy University’s online Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology. The course provides study in behavior theories and how they can apply to criminal behavior. These theories can be examined in instances of sex crimes, juvenile delinquency and crimes against women.

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