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May 18 2018

What is hospice care and how can BAYADA Hospice help, hospice care plan.#Hospice #care #plan

Compassionate Care and Comfort for You and Your Loved Ones

BAYADA Hospice has a special purpose—to provide the highest quality end-of-life care so our patients can remain at home with comfort, grace, and dignity. We believe people with advanced illness and their families deserve hospice care services delivered with compassion, excellence, and reliability—the core values of our philosophy, The BAYADA Way .

What is hospice and how can it help?

Hospice focuses on a holistic team approach to providing care to patients and their families. In addition to expert medical care and symptom and pain management, hospice services include social, emotional, and spiritual support to patients, families, and others who need support through the end-of-life process.

The BAYADA Hospice team includes specialists from different fields who assess the patient’s needs and goals. Together with the patient, family, and physician, our team will develop an individualized plan of care to ensure that our hospice services are exactly what you need and want.

How do I know if I need hospice care?

A person is eligible for hospice after being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Together with their loved ones, they should carefully consider their options for maintaining quality of life through the end-of-life process.

BAYADA Hospice can help you determine if you or your loved one could be helped by hospice. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you may have.

How do I pay for hospice care?

Medicare beneficiaries pay little or nothing for hospice. For those ineligible for Medicare, most insurance plans, HMOs, and managed care plans cover hospice care. In some cases, charity care may also be an option.

How do I choose a hospice care provider?

If possible, exploring hospice options before services are actually needed gives you the opportunity to evaluate providers without the stress of needing immediate services. When researching which hospice would be the best fit for you or a loved one, there are a number of important factors to consider.

Hospice care plan

Hospice care plan

Watch the video below to learn more about hospice and meet our team.

Hospice care plan

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