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Apr 4 2018

Thai Work Permit, permit to work.#Permit #to #work

Thai Work Permit

Permit to work

Personal Income Tax is applicable to an individual whose income came from employment or from a property located within the country but the income from it was either paid with in Thailand or at a foreign soil. The Personal Income Tax is considered as a principal tax and classified as a direct tax.

Working Illegally in Thailand

Permit to work

From time to time it does make the press when a foreigner or a few of them are caught and arrested in Thailand for working without a work permit. Working illegally has many issues for both the employer and employee in Thailand. We have listed the current penalties for working illegally in Thailand.

Thai visa for a Work Permit

Permit to work

One of the most common questions about applying for a work permit in Thailand has been what type of visa must you have in order to apply for a work permit in Thailand. We have listed the most common issue with regard to the Thai visa and work permit rules in Thailand.

Foreign Journalists working in Thailand

Permit to work

If you are a foreign journalist going to or wanting to work in Thailand then there are a few basic rules which you need to meet. The requirements for a work permit in Thailand for a foreign journalist is listed as follows by the Foreign Correspondents Club in Thailand. Note what needs to be applied [ ]

Thai Work Permit Fees

Permit to work

The Thai government fees for a work permit in Thailand varies according to the length of time of the work permit. Most work permits in Thailand tend to be 1 year work permits as it is normally based on the length of the contract. Most employment contracts in Thailand are 12 month contracts hence the [ ]

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