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Dec 27 2017

Streaming Online Radio & Best Live Talk Shows

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Talk Stream Live – Always On a dynamic directory linking to streaming online talk shows that enables listeners to listen anytime and from anywhere to live talk radio via links on our website and mobile apps for iPhone and Android. TSL offers a wide selection of the most popular established and emerging talk radio shows. The shows are continuously ranked by our users and listed in order of popularity. You can listen 24/7 by visiting the TSL website and scrolling through the list of links to live talk shows. TSL offers ease of use and instant access, simply click on the talk show icon (photo) and you will land on the show’s page where you will find a list of stations to select from and then just click on the station of your choice to listen to the stream.

TSL ranks streaming talk shows based on millions of actual real time listener sessions and we compile and publish our ranking reports quarterly and annually. Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham are the top ranked online streaming talk shows at Talk Stream Live. Conservative political talk continues as the most dominant and in demand brand of talk; however, all political perspectives are presented. TSL offers links to most if not all genres of talk radio; including news, sports, consumer and paranormal programs.

We at TSL have expanded our social media engagement and outreach with our talk radio listeners via our Facebook. Twitter and Google+ pages. We invite you to join us in conversation and sharing your talk radio news and views. TSL posts talk radio breaking news and talk show updates daily. Join us. Like us and Share us! TSL offers its own on site “Talk Show Topics” social radio feature that allows hosts and listeners to post their show topics and to send listen links to serve their social networks promoting interactivity between listeners and hosts.

Talk shows and stations are invited to submit their requests for listing with TSL for free. Most talk shows are accepted, that is, those shows exhibiting a high degree of broadcast professionalism.and are regularly scheduled “live” shows with streams linked to TSL. Podcasts are not accepted at this time. TSL sometimes links to the station/network that streams multiple shows of a particular genre, rather, than individually listing each show.

*Note: TSL is a curated directory of talk show links and reserves the right to reject or delist shows at anytime and for any reason See our Terms of Use. If your show is accepted in the TSL directory we request:

  • Title of the show or host
  • Name of the streaming station and location
  • Website link for the show and station
  • 200 x 200 JPEG — high resolution photo
  • Reliable station stream preferably an MP3 type

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