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Dec 2 2017

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer Howard Bailey #criminal #lawyer #queens


Howard W. Bailey is a NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer with Proven Experience Who Can Improve Your Chances for a Downgrade, Dismissal or Not Guilty Verdict

With Your Future at Stake, Here Are Three Things You Should Know Before Selecting a NJ Criminal Defense Attorney to Represent You

Howard W Bailey has been involved with the field of criminal law for over thirty-five years and knows his way inside the legal system: He’s been a police officer, an assistant prosecutor, and now works as a criminal defense lawyer for those who’ve been charged with a crime. So if you’ve been charged with a crime, Howard Bailey’s experience can make a huge difference in how your rights and freedom are protected. He has represented hundreds of clients throughout NJ in the Superior Courts, Municipal Courts and the Federal District Courts. While the majority of his criminal cases are resolved, downgraded or dismissed, Mr. Bailey’s extensive legal experience in criminal law has had a powerful and positive effect on those cases which have gone to trial.

What happens in the first 24 hours of you or a loved one being charged with a crime can impact whether the alleged gets convicted or gets to walk away from the charge. In some cases, there are legal defects that a good criminal defense lawyer can use to weaken the State’s case. In other cases, there are factual conflicts that undercut the testimony of a witness. As a former prosecutor, Howard Bailey has the knowledge and experience to use these defects and weaknesses to attack the State’s case and protect his client’s rights. His unique law enforcement background gives those charged the benefit of having a lawyer who has worked both sides of the desk, so to speak, to anticipate how the prosecutor will argue the case, and the experience to know where the weak points in the police investigation are.

A knowledgeable and experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer is someone who specializes in defending the rights of his clients, spending most of his time handling criminal defense cases. Ask yourself this question: If you were having brain surgery, would you want a general practitioner or a brain surgeon to do the operation. Both know medicine…one simply knows more about a certain area of medicine than the other. Before you select the lawyer who will be defending you, make sure the lawyer you are talking to knows what the issues are in your case. Some of the questions you should ask are:

  • How much of your practice is criminal defense?
  • How many cases do you handle in a year?
  • How long have you been handling criminal defense cases?
  • How many criminal trials do you do in a year?
  • When did you do your last criminal jury trial?
  • When did you last handle a case like mine?
  • How often do you go to the Court my case is in?
  • What do you think needs to be done right away to protect my rights and freedom?
  • What am I facing if I am convicted?
  • If I were to plead guilty, what is the range of plea the prosecution will offer?
  • Is there any way to divert the case to PTI?
  • Am I eligible for an early release from prison?
  • How long will a conviction stay on my record?

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