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Jul 15 2017

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The Ultimate Professional Astrology Software! Win*Star 6.0 is part of the newest generation of innovative Matrix programs combining professional level tools with true one-click ease of use. It is now available in three versions: Standard, Extended, and Professional.

Win*Star 6.0 includes Searches, performed by the new Matrix Search Lite. This highly advanced module is light years ahead of the old Searches program. You can search, against fixed stars or any defined point, for transiting house cusps, etc. Win*Maps. powered by Horizons Lite. can plot in En Mundo, Geodetic, and Zodiacal, as well as along rising lines, setting lines, zenith lines and/or nadir lines. You can also plot aspects, midpoints, local space and parans.

Win*Star 6.0 Professional System has all of the features of the Standard and the Extended versions but, in addition, also has complete versions of Matrix Search. Matrix Horizons. and Day Watch .

This system is designed for serious counseling Professional Astrologers those who will be able to understand and harness the power of astrology available in this complete software system.

Blue*Star Personal & Professional Versions are a 21 st Century astrology programs that combines traditional astrological chart wheels and calculations with fully-illustrated state-of-the-art interpretive reports sixteen separate reports in all.

Sirius can be used by people with any level of experience, from novice to professional or advanced professional astrologer or researcher. We have made it possible by having well organized menus, easy to customize, features in almost every area of astrology, including modern, Vedic, Medieval, Hellenistic, Huber, harmonics, and more.

FREE Quick*Studies module included with every Blue*Star Purchase, you choose which one. Seven to choos from: Daily Guides, Quick Answers, Time*Scans, Astrological Events, Life Events, Synastry, or Quick Greetings.

Tired of buying and upgrading software? In addition to the programs you already have on your computer, do you want access to dozens more?

Web-based Astrological Services will give you all of the Chart Calculations and Chart Interpretations you need without you ever having to purchase expensive desktop software. It’s as easy as signing up and then you are good to go!

Whether this is your first experience with an astrology program or you’re a seasoned Professional – you are going to love Win*Star Express .

Create precision astrological charts with expertly written interpretations. Choose from four main styles plus 190 specialty charts with PDF output for easy printing and emailing.

Natal, Synastry, Transit, Progressed, and Solar Arc interpretations prepared by leading professional astrologer/writers pop them up within the chart or print them as helpful mini-reports.

Free e-Books by Michael Erlewine

Matrix is pleased to present a collection of e-books by Michael Erlewine. Click here for Free e-Books or if you prefer a printed copy, they are available at

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