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Jun 21 2018

Kids Space, work search.#Work #search

work search

The 14.4 kbit/s modem was the standard and 33.6 kbit/s was a dream,

Google still needed three years to emerge,

9 years before Facebook, and 11 years before twitter,

Kids’ Space was born in New York City, created by Sachiko Oba, a graduate school student of Columbia University Teachers College, and was fostered by Michael Erde and his team at the Interport, one of the first Internet providers in New York City.

It was an advanced attempt at the early stage of the Internet, in search of the most educational use of the new technology, that led children to be self-motivated, encouraged them to be creative and collaborating, promoted their understanding of other children from different countries and cultures through sharing their everyday-life stories by writing, drawing, performance and collaboration- with a hope to make the world more friendly place.

Children, parents, and teachers from 173 countries got together and exchanged ideas, stories, pictures, music performances. They shared their traditional clothes, their usual breakfast, their pet, and their treasures. They passed a baton with their hope to the future at the message-relay as the Children’s G8 summit on the Internet. They found best friends and sister schools over the safe communication system, Kids’ Space Connection.

Kids’ Space was managed by volunteer work and grown to a not-for-profit organization, Kids’ Space Foundation, to receive contributions from Japanese companies in New York City. It was an advertisement-free site for children’s educational and peaceful activities accessed from home and schools.

In October 2008, Kids’ Space lost most of the supporters due to the economy crash, and had to close the award-wining sites; International Kids’ Space and Kids’ Space Connection.

However, I believe that the attempt to provide children a clean, safe and fun place should be engraved on the net. There were so many people who helped and supported the site, as well as the thousands of children, parents, and teachers who had such amazing experienced though the Internet technologies.

The “Kids Space” will return as a museum for the one of the early projects on the internet that exemplified the original reason for the creation and development of the internet.

I hope you will see how children opened their mind to the world through the new technology in 1995 to 2010.

Founder of Kids’ Space

Work search

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