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Sep 18 2018

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery – Before – After Pictures 2016

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Jennifer Aniston

Has Jennifer Aniston Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Jennifer Aniston, the beautiful American actress, film director, and producer, was born on February 11, 1969.

She is most recognized for her role as Rachel Greene on the 1990s to early 2000s sitcom Friends . and through this portrayal of this character, she earned an Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award.

She is also acclaimed for her great acting in independent films, but some of her biggest successes outside of Friends would be her more commercial movies on the big screen, such as Bruce Almighty (2003), The Break-Up (2006), Marley and Me (2008), Just Go with It (2011), and the more recent hit, Horrible Bosses (2011).

Jennifer has also been selected to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012. Known for her simple, yet beautiful blonde hair and features, and as she is reaching her middle ages, many wonder, has Jennifer Aniston had plastic surgery?

Jennifer Aniston: Nose Job?

Although many celebrities do age (quite gracefully that too), and their look does change, many still have surgery, even if it is minor, to help keep a fresh look.

Overall, it is assumed she had some type of botox and fillers because her face, especially round her nose, eye, cheek area is a lot more tight and puffy, rather than loose and saggy and her chin has noticeably changed since her younger years; overall, it is not as rounded or big as it used to be, the evidence being pictures.

Also, the bridge of her nose seems to be a lot more narrow and straight than from before.

According to Jennifer, she has had Botox, but doesn t believe in it based on her quote to InStyle Magazine, I m not saying that I haven t tried it…but I see how it s a slippery slope .

Even though she has dabbled with Botox, she did not go over the top and have a dramatic turnout, like someone such as Joan Rivers, or Heidi Montag s cosmetic surgery. but rather she still looks the same, just a bit more fresh or rejuvenated .

There are small differences if you look at her now and back when she was on Friends, but they are very subtle, and proves that plastic surgery is not as bad as it seems, and if done correctly and with moderation, it can have good results (Lindsay Lohan s cosmetic surgery for example). For this, her results went considerably well.

Did Jennifer Get Breast Implants?

Apart from her nose, many have noticed that Jennifer may have had breast implants at some point.

Although, Jennifer has never publicly admitted it, the pictures suggest otherwise. Apparently, she even went on Oprah to deny she had had a boob job.

Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Celeb plastic surgery is well known, but are the results truly worth it?

Often, results don t end as planned, or because of too much, totally distort their face. We have all heard of the celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong; there are many bad plastic surgery stories of celebrities, about plastic surgery gone wrong, and bad plastic surgery pictures of them as well, so despite having a bad reputation for changing themselves and embarrassment, they also have a bad face or body. In Jennifer s case, however, it seems she has let common sense prevail and not gone too over top .just yet!

Jennifer s Before After Pictures ?

Do you think Jennifer Aniston has had celebrity plastic surgery?

Yeah I cannot look at Jennifer Aniston anymore she is so plastic and especially he rblue eyes now for that Avino Commercial
the eyes you can see look unnetural and out of place and yet she is doing commercials for natural beauty tehre is nothing natural about her.
This says so much as I was a fan of hers all those years ago but now cannot stand her I am team Angie all the way now.

On Friends I thought she was just beautiful. I think she works hard on her great body, but she was clearly very unattractive when younger, then had lots of plastic surgery on her nose and chin to change her face. Also, she is a dark brunette who went blond. Over time I realized, I could look as good as any of those Hollywood hotties if I could afford and have time to have plastic surgery. I agree with others who have said it is total BS for her to claim she s a natural beauty when the pictures and older films I have seen her in show clearly she s had surgery.

Annistan has obviously had a mini-lift, this is not as extreme as a full face-lift, however the mid part of the face is lifted and the cheeks are much higher, this helps the jawline to become tighter. The giveaway is the Bassett-Hound eyes that have become ridiculously rounded, and almost cut off at the corners, implying she also had an eye-lid tuck instead of almond shaped eyes they are now roundish, with a chopped-off outer corner. She also has tons of Botox, fillers etc very easy to spot if you know what to look for. The Aveeno commercials crack me up because we are to assume she has flawless skin at 48-50 ish yet they use that soft filtered lighting with a fuzzy focus on the commercial. Oh sure, if we could all walk around in Barbara Walters lighting, we d all look fantastic!

Hi there! I am watching Jennifer on Graham Norton in the UK. Oh my goodness. Her face below the nose looks frozen and swollen and just wierd frankly! Her lips look puffed up, especially the top lip. Not attractive, sorry Jennifer. Gutted that you have done this. Looks simply alien and quite masculine.

Have to keep reminding myself not to buy Aveeno any more. Can t believe a spokesperson for $5-10 moisturizer who spends $$$$ on spa treatments, personal stylists, etc. who actually expects me to believe that Aveeno gives her that natural glow! Bwah ha hah ha

Only naive people think that an effortless, sophisticated, easy breezy look is truly effortless (unless you re one of the lucky people born with amazing skin hair that just needs a bit of finger combing to look presentable ha ha)! It takes a lot more make-up, work, hair extensions, padding, contouring, tailoring, etc. to look natural especially to supposedly age backwards (duh!) than it actually takes to look glam (with just a touch of BB cream, sexy red lipstick mascara).

Sooooo glad she didn t win that Golden Globe simply for looking more like her real self than the golden goddess she fakes it as. (She s lovelier with brunette hair anyway!) Maybe someday she ll be secure enough to stop hiding behind her hair (plus, if she scratches her head one more time, somebody needs to send her a bottle of tea tree oil or shampoo stat!)

I never thought she was pretty. She may have a slim, toned body and nice hair, but that s about it. As far as looks go, Angelina Jolie can chew her up and spit her out.

She definitely had her nose done again; her nose always made her look like she had a cold, and her eyes always looked too close together. Her nose as of late has been slimmed down a bit. Also, she needs to get a chin reduction (along with Reese Witherspoon).

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