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Jun 7 2018

Initial Secure Field Services

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Initial Secure Field Service

Who is Initial Secure Field Services?

Offering a wide variety of services including REO services, property preservation, inspection and rehabilitation as well as pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure management, we are one of the premier property preservation companies in the country, if not the best. Additionally, we offer services such as trash-outs, lawn maintenance or landscaping, sales cleans and initial secures among others. Our foundation is based on the provision of a service that aims at satisfying our customers’ needs. With unrivalled experience in property preservation, we strive to meet all our customers’ demands and requirements at the first time of asking and in a timely manner. Furthermore, to coordinate and provide our services, we use advanced information technology as well as employ friendly and skilled staffs with years of experience in property preservation to provide the utmost quality possible. Our core aim is to provide property preservation services of the highest quality at reasonable market rates with the fastest turnaround time (of course without compromising quality). Let Initial Secure be your preferred property preservation company as we guarantee cost-effective solutions for your valuable assets.

Why is Initial Secure Field Services Different?

With honesty and integrity at the forefront, we pride ourselves at ensuring customers are given the utmost priority. We therefore put effort in ensuring there is open communication between you, the customer, and us by establishing strong interpersonal relationships right from the start. In addition, to ensure we achieve the ultimate goal of preserving and securing your assets, we carry out criminal background checks on our staffs before hiring them. This guarantees that only the best and true professionals handle your property. We also mould the staffs into our own liking to ensure they understand that customers are our number one priority. We further provide them (our staffs) with monthly training sessions to instill any new industry regulations and requirements.

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Why Initial Secure Field Service


We at Initial Secure Field Services understand the importance of a well structured organization with clear lines of management from top to bottom. Our company is therefore structured in a way that customers come first, with complaint being swiftly handled. Additionally, Initial Secure Field Services takes into consideration customers’ feedbacks and opinions before implementing any new idea with the focus being on building long term relationships based upon trust and integrity. Furthermore, our success is fast tracked by the leadership of a skilled management that has combined the talents needed to come through in the property preservation industry. Our strong management team has also been able to attract and retain the best staffs in the industry; staffs who undertake and complete the most ambitious practices in property preservation with the aim of satisfying our customers’ needs.


In recent times, the use of mobile application in property preservation industry has been on the rise and Initial Secure Field Services knows the importance of that. That being said, our IT staffs are on the front edge of that trend and have developed an application that will ensure you’re aware of any activities going on at your property at any given time. Our mobile application allows instant access of who is visiting your property and when, as well as how long they stayed. Since customers are given a priority here at Initial Secure Field Services, our mobile application has been designed to have an advantage over others in the market in the sense that you, the customer, receive information (who visited and when) of your property at the same time as we do, thereby enhancing transparency between you and us. Additionally, our mobile application ensures that decisions can be made much quickly as photos are transferred to you immediately; for instance, in case of any damage to your property.


With customer satisfaction being the pride of Initial Secure Field Services, we know how much you value your property; that’s why we have up-to-date and complete insurance cover to ensure your precious assets are well catered for at all times, from the moment you entrust them to us. Additionally, we carry out the preservation with utmost professionalism as we are aware of your reputational and economical risks. We also conduct ongoing maintenance to protect and preserve the assets with activities such as snow removal and lawn maintenance among others. Our approach is therefore geared towards leveraging the fundamental principles of financial risk management. This involves using well researched data which is later applied to develop scientific models that determine where the risks lie. We therefore provide a one of kind risk management practice that provides you with rule writing capabilities and reason code analysis.


We at Initial Secure Field Services recognize the need to take advantage of the ever changing technology in a dynamic industry where time and quality are of the essence. It’s the reason that we have adopted cutting edge software to manage our customers, their assets and work orders. The software allows automation of ordering and management of our inspection and preservation services, thereby ensuring easy and fast access of data by us as well as our customers. Additionally, our systems are constantly updated with the aim of improving field service productivity by streamlining all the processes of property preservation. Furthermore, to ensure accurate and timely reporting, Initial Secure Field Services utilizes availability of smart phones in taking photos and transferability of high speed internet.

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