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Feb 14 2018

Information Technology (IT) Manager Salary

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Information Technology (IT) Manager Salary

Job Description for Information Technology (IT) Manager

An information technology (IT) manager supervises their company’s computer infrastructure and related areas of concern. He or she may oversee teams that manage network technology, IT security and the software platforms used by the company. The IT manager may help establish data storage infrastructure and access protocols and rules within the company as well. The main focus of an IT manager’s job may depend on their employer; for instance, companies with a customer-facing online presence may require the IT manager to oversee this web space’s efficient operation and the security of customer data. In most situations, however, the IT manager’s job includes supervising the way the company’s employees access and use data, as well as interact with each other via computer.

The IT manager normally helps design access rules and procedures for company data; this can include which computers, tablets and mobile phones are allowed to access to the company’s networks and databases. The IT manager also helps choose and manage antivirus software solutions, as well as sets up systems that may restrict browser activity across company-owned hardware and networks.

In most situations, the IT manager has experience working in IT departments across a variety of disciplines. Typically, a company looks for candidates who have served as team leads in IT database, security or network technology. At least a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science or a related field may be required or preferred as well.

Information Technology (IT) Manager Tasks

  • Manage resources and processes required to design, plan, and support all information products and services.
  • Research and evaluate new technologies to be used as enhancements or upgrades to existing server, network, and other IT infrastructure equipment.
  • Prepare, maintain and keep updated IT procedures and documentation related to our processes and platforms operations.
  • Supervise, hire, and train IT Department employees.

Common Career Paths for Information Technology (IT) Manager

Information Technology (IT) Manager in McLean:

Going in the wrong direction.

Pros: Growth opportunities are great if you want quick vertical growth and can fall in line with leadership s personal goals, and can devote all 24 hours to work.

Cons: No work life balance, too many fragile egos, passing the buck, misogyny, no one wants to listen, middle management is expected to wear too many hats, fear of losing job if not done, value added to the company does not come back to the employee.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Houston:

Pros: Help to improve speed and accuracy of the day to day tasks, helping to improve time to answer customer therefore customer satisfaction.

Cons: Lack of empowerment. No future growth perspective.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Durham:

I think I am grossly underpaid.

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