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Nov 14 2017

Information about ITT Technical Institute #itt #criminal #justice, #itt #technical #institute


Why ITT Technical Institute?

With over 100 campuses in 37 states, ITT Technical Institute is a private college system offering technology-oriented degree programs, including information technology, criminal justice, electronics technology and health sciences. The institute, also referred to as ITT Tech, is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, but has locations nationwide.

About ITT Technical Institute

Students at ITT Technical Institutes can pursue a variety of technology-oriented degrees at locations across the country. Traditional academic learning is combined with career-focused hands-on experience to prepare them for employment in today’s world. Locations throughout the country, year-round course availability and flexible schedules allow even the busiest of students to pursue their goals at their convenience.

Find Your Program:

School of Business

Men and women in business today face an ever-changing environment. The School of Business at ITT Tech can teach students about the impact of global markets, technology that sends information around the world instantly and a culturally diverse work force.

  • AA – Accounting
  • AA – Business Management
  • BS – Accounting
  • BS – Business Management
  • BS – Project Management and Administration
  • Bachelor – Business Administration – Marketing Management Option and Project Management Option
  • Bachelor – Project Management and Administration – Project Management and Administration Option, Construction Option, and Information Technology Option
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor: Business Admin
  • Bachelor: Project Management
  • Associate – Accounting
  • Associate: Business Management
  • Associate: Paralegal Studies
  • School of Criminal Justice

    The School of Criminal Justice at ITT Tech focuses on offering programs that teach a balance of theory and application by integrating interpersonal skills and criminal justice subject matter. Programs in criminal justice teach the fundamentals of the criminal justice system and criminal justice skills as well as certain technical skills used in criminal justice.

  • AA – Criminology and Forensic Technology
  • AA – Paralegal
  • Associate: Criminal Justice
  • Associate: Criminology and Forensic Technology
  • Associate: Paralegal Studies
  • School of Drafting and Design

    The School of Drafting and Design at ITT Tech combines classroom theory and practical application in a laboratory environment. The products we use and the structures in which we live and work start out as designs – from an electronic circuit to a video game to a house.

  • AA – Drafting and Design Technology
  • AA – Industrial Engineering Technology
  • AA – Web Design Technology
  • Associate: Computer Drafting and Design
  • School of Electronics

    The School of Electronics Technology at ITT Tech combines classroom theory and practical application in a laboratory environment. Not only has the rapid transmission of data become indispensable to many consumers and businesses, but most businesses also depend on complex electronic equipment for a variety of functions.

  • AA – Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor: Electronics the on-time graduation rate for students who have completed each program of study; the costs associated with each program of study; the placement rate for students who completed each program of study; the median loan debt incurred by students who completed each program of study; and any other information that the ED provided to the ITT Technical Institutes about any program of study.

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