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May 11 2018

How to Get Paid for Advertising on Your Website: 5 Steps

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How to Get Paid for Advertising on Your Website

Anyone can display ads on a website. There are various ways to go about this. If you already have a website, you are well on your way. If you do not, you need to build one first or you can buy an existing website. Once you are up and running with a website, consider how you would like to advertise. You can learn how to get paid for advertising on your website by doing a little research into your target audience.

Steps Edit

Buy or build a website. You can build a website around a passion or simply to make money. You can also buy websites that are already established, where you take over running the site.

Join affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are networks in which you select from various advertisers. A few of the major search engines offer programs for advertising through them as well.

Consider your audience and determine which kind of advertising you want to do. Gear your ads towards who you want your visitors to be. They are more likely to bring you revenue if the ads are something they may be interested in.

Choose ads from the affiliate programs you have joined. There are different types of ads that can be displayed on your website.

  • Pay per click is the most popular type of advertisement. Each advertiser pays differently and you are paid when visitors click on an ad.
  • Pay per impression pays according to the amount of times the ad is displayed on your website. This means that for every thousand times the ad is displayed, you get paid. Each advertiser pays differently but typically the amount will be small since all it takes is for someone to open your web page.
  • Pay per sale will generate the most money but it also does not happen as frequently as pay per click and pay per impression. This type of ad requires your visitor to not only click on the ad but purchase an item or sign up for a service.

Place the ads on your website.

  • Choose a banner style or text style ad. Banners are permanent ads that stay in a fixed position on your website. Text ads are temporary.
  • If you have chosen an affiliate program that does the work for you, ads will be placed on your website that match the content written on the page. This way, the ads are relating to your content and mostly are of interest to your readers.

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