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Feb 13 2018

Health Fee, Insurance & Billing: University of Vermont

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Health Fee, Insurance and Billing

University of Vermont students have access to high-quality, comprehensive and cost-effective medical care while enrolled at UVM. We minimize the ‘hoops’ that many people face when accessing health care, but students should understand a few key things about how their health care is paid for.

UVM Health Fee:

The UVM Health Fee covers all of the core services of the Center for Health Wellbeing, including office visits for illness or injury, women’s health exams, and counseling. It does not cover certain additional costs, like lab tests, orthopedic supplies (e.g. crutches), immunizations, EKGs, spirometry, and psychiatry visits.

Most students are required to pay the Health Fee as part of the Full Time Comprehensive Fee assessed by Student Financial Services. Others have the option of paying the fee. Students taking less than six credits (except for some very specific exceptions) cannot pay the Health Fee.


There is one exception to the rules defined by the chart above:

  1. International students holding F-1 or J-1 visa status MUST pay the Health Fee, regardless of their credit load. Therefore they ARE eligible for CHWB services.

Students who have not paid the Health Fee are not eligible to use CHWB services .

Health Insurance:

Your health insurance plan helps pay for services which are not included in the UVM Health Fee.

The following students are required to have health insurance:

  • Undergraduate/Continuing Education students registered for 9 or more credits.
  • Graduate students registered for 9 or more credits.
  • Graduate students with “Grad 903” status.
  • ALL Medical Students.

These students must either purchase the plan we offer (UVM SHIP ) or provide verification of comparable insurance coverage. This is must be done online, using the insurance decision/waiver form. Students must complete this form every year .

The UVM Health Fee and insurance requirement work hand-in-hand to provide comprehensive coverage for UVM students.

About the UVM Health Insurance Plan:

We have partnered with University Health Plans, Inc. (UHP) to offer the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan (UVM SHIP) to eligible students. UVM SHIP provides comprehensive accident and sickness coverage while a student is at UVM and when they return home or travel. The following students are eligible to purchase UVM SHIP.

  • Any undergraduate/continuing education student enrolled in 6 – 8 credits.
  • Graduate students enrolled in 5 – 8 credits.
  • Graduate students with “Grad 902” or “Grad 903” status.

Enrollment in UVM SHIP must be made online, using the insurance decision/waiver form.


Many CHWB services are covered by the UVM Health Fee, so there is no additional charge. Costs which are not covered by the Health Fee are billed to the UVM Student Account.

This chart provides an overview of how a student’s level of coverage (Health Fee and insurance coverage) affects how he or she is billed for CHWB services.

Your Level of Coverage

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