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Jun 7 2018

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  • Security and protection against fraud and issues with goods bought from retailers, you could use VISA Chargeback to claim your money back
  • A safe and convenient alternative to carrying cash
  • Accepted worldwide wherever you see the VISA sign
  • Make contactless payments with your debit card or even using Apple Pay or Android Pay up to the value of 30
  • Control – every purchase itemised on your statement

Lost or stolen debit card? If you’re registered for Online Banking, you can report it online or on the Halifax Banking mobile app by filling in our simple form. We ll cancel your card and send you a replacement.

Problems with your card? You can request a replacement card using Online Banking or the Halifax Mobile Banking app. You can also request a replacement PIN if you ve forgotten yours or are having issues with it.

If a payment has been made on your account and you don’t think it’s correct we may be able to help you with claiming the payment back.

You can find out useful information about how to dispute payments on your Halifax debit card.

Cashback Extras

Savings account with debit card

Earn up to 15% cashback when you shop with Cashback Extras.

Cashback Extras enables you to receive personalised offers from participating shops and earn cashback when you spend on your debit or credit card.

You ll need to be registered for Online Banking to activate and use Cashback Extras.

Going abroad soon? Tell us.

We always look out for unusual activity on your debit card, so by telling us your travel plans we’ll expect to see international spending on your account.

It only takes a few minutes. Just sign in to Online Banking and fill in our simple form, or find it in the Menu of your Halifax Mobile Banking app.

Remember to ensure your contact numbers are up to date by signing in to Online Banking , calling us on 0345 720 3040 or visiting your nearest branch.

Using your debit card at home

Whether it s grabbing a bite to eat or booking this year s sunny break, your Visa debit card is the easy way to pay.

  • Flexible enough to use for everyday shopping and larger one-off items.
  • Book or buy securely on the web or over the phone.
  • Pay your bills easily, whether they re one off or regular.
  • Withdraw up to 500 a day.
  • No need to queue at an ATM, get up to 50 cashback at most supermarkets.

Withdraw money from any cash machine that shows the LINK or VISA sign.

Using your debit card abroad

Next time you re planning to go abroad, you can use your VISA debit card for all your purchases and to withdraw cash at ATMs, just as you do at home wherever you see the VISA symbol.

Charges will apply for using your card abroad. Find out more about the costs of using your debit card abroad.

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