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Oct 17 2017

Extremely Intriguing Argumentative Topics for College Students, argumentative ads.#Argumentative #ads


Extremely Intriguing Argumentative Topics for College Students

Argumentative ads

  • Write a clear, concise, and debatable thesis statement.
  • Provide necessary facts, evidence, and background information about the topic.
  • For an essay provide clear and logical transitions.
  • The conclusion is not a summary of the thesis statement.
  • Abortion pills
  • Addictive personality disorder can be overcome.
  • Characteristics of a controlling personality – find the signs.
  • Food from cloned animals ruled safe to eat.
  • HIV Transmission statistics in the United States.
  • Should animal experimentation be permitted?
  • Should gender selection methods be legal?
  • Diversity and homosexuality in education.
  • Is there any truth to carbon dioxide poisoning?
  • Is Bermuda Triangle real?
  • What is the trick to black magic?
  • Are the consequences of teen pregnancy scary enough to stop teens?
  • Is early childhood education good?
  • What are the reasons against capital punishment?
  • Fear of abandonment in relationships.
  • Causes of teenage drinking – Is it a new trend?
  • Sexism in the workplace – fact or fabrication?
  • What is the serial killer’s psychology?
  • What is Scientology?
  • Sex education in schools – pros and cons.
  • Why do people have trouble sleeping at night?
  • Role and future of the social networking sites
  • Are there any benefits of Bikram Yoga?
  • Why is biodiversity important?
  • How often can you donate plasma?
  • Is the health care bill good or bad?
  • Advantages of advertising on Facebook.
  • Role of emotional intelligence in business.
  • Nuclear power advantages and disadvantages.
  • What are the signs of an abusive relationship?
  • Do acupressure techniques help induce labor?
  • Is there gender discrimination in the workplace?
  • Do self help books for women and men actually work?
  • Is schizophrenia heredity?
  • Should the government have more accessible scholarships for single moms?
  • What is sleep paralysis hallucinations?
  • Should smoking be banned in public places?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of biofuels.
  • Are birth control pills effective?
  • Understanding exposure and response prevention.
  • Should we blame media for our eating disorders?
  • Are video games good for you?
  • What is an emotional affair?
  • What will happen if global warming continues

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