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Mar 13 2018

Enterprise Document Management System and Software

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Document Management

Content Model

« We need more than simple file storage and retrieval. We want a content model that matches our actual business processes. »

  • Schema-flexible content model for your document management system: Define content model for the specific application needs, with custom metadata and vocabularies for content description and discovery
  • Permission-based (ACL) and rule-based document access control, validated for military-grade access control (Document Management Solutions created with the Nuxeo Platform for the American Government
  • Supports dynamic fields on content using optional schemas; for example, to direct content marked as confidential to secure on-premise storage


« We want to provide users truly collaborative. secure spaces to help increase productivity and expedite business processes. »

  • Simple or batch uploads of content, as well as drag and drop, leveraging built-in metadata standards such as Dublin Core®
  • Bulk edit of files and/or metadata in spreadsheet mode
  • Adaptive workflow engine for complex business process management
  • Easily integrate office documents residing in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive with enterprise workflows and search, alongside other content within the Nuxeo repository
  • Open and edit your local desktop files in applications such as MS Office or Adobe CC using Nuxeo Drive, and automatically sync with the Nuxeo content repository
  • Configurable versioning, including ad hoc check-in/check-out. auto document locking and visually compare different versions
  • Exceptional scalability – benchmarked at over 1 billion documents in a single system, delivering thousands of requests per second


« We must deliver the right content to the right users at the right time with enterprise-class search. »

  • Security-filtered search. users only see documents they have access to
  • Navigate through asset lists, facets, media thumbnails, metadata categories, or apply category filters
  • Dynamic filtering on multiple facets or metadata, automatically clustered with the displayed number of found results. Advanced search and query engine supports aggregates,facets and full text search across metadata and annotations
  • Fuzzy query or proximity search, synonyms, “more like this” suggestions, weighting/boosting search results within Nuxeo Document Management
  • Collections / lightweight shared containers, save and share searches
  • Full query capabilities available through the Nuxeo API using NXQL (Nuxeo Query Language), CMISQL or the Elasticsearch DSL

They Trust Us

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« Our content includes key intellectual property and highly confidential information. We need comprehensive access controls and rules-based security to protect them. »

  • Fine-grain access controls ensure safe internal and external information management within your organization. Sharing and collaboration will be optimized with Nuxeo Document Management
  • Workers can submit requests to gain temporary access to additional documents
  • Easily define retention and disposition rules with our Document Management features
  • Define workflows to meet compliance and/or regulatory requirements with our powerful process engine, using visual designer in Nuxeo Studio
  • Built-in content lifecycle management ensures only the current, approved version of each document is shared


« Huge files, conversions and transcoding cannot be addressed by legacy systems. »

  • Massive scalability for your document base, using either NoSQL (MongoDB) or relational database (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
  • Hybrid SQL and NoSQL architecture with a native Elasticsearch-backed query engine. MongoDB or a RDBMS for data persistence and cloud object stores for file storage
  • Benchmarked at the tune of 1 billion document in a single system, delivering thousands of requests per second


« We want to model, track, and improve the performance of our workflows and content-heavy processes. »

  • Analyze document data and user activity with the built-in data visualization toolkit in Nuxeo Document Management
  • Visualize search request hits. metadata or any content property
  • Customize your operating document management dashboards using advanced charting elements

See Nuxeo in Action

In Nuxeo Document Management, a document is not just a “file”. it is an intelligent content object with rich, customizable metadata, facets, multiple related files and more!

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