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Aug 31 2018

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Past participle: crossed



Types of cross



to sign with a cross marcar con una cruz

to bear a/one’s cross we each have our cross to bear cada quien carga su cruz

it’s one of the crosses we women have to bear es una de las cruces que tenemos las mujeres

it’s a cross between a horse and a donkey es un cruce or cruzamiento de caballo y burro

the game is a cross between squash and tennis el juego es una mezcla de squash y tenis, el juego está a medio camino entre el squash y el tenis

to be/get cross with sb (about sth) enfadarse or ( LAm ) enojarse con algn (por algo)

it makes me cross when that happens me da mucha rabia que pase eso

don’t be/get cross with me no te enfades or ( LAm ) enojes conmigo

they haven’t had a cross word in ten years no han cruzado palabra en diez años, llevan diez años sin cruzar palabra

it crossed my mind that se me ocurrió que .

they have clearly crossed the boundary into terrorism está claro que han traspasado la frontera que separa del terrorismo

the word never crossed his lips jamás pronunció esa palabra

we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it (fig) no anticipemos problemas

cross my heart! (in promise) ¡te lo juro!

keep your fingers crossed for me ¡deséame suerte!

I got a crossed line (Telec) había (un) cruce de líneas

they got their lines crossed (fig) hubo un malentendido entre ellos

to cross sb’s palm with silver dar una moneda de plata a algn

to cross swords with sb cruzar la espada con algn

he crossed from one side of the room to the other to speak to me cruzó or atravesó la sala para hablar conmigo, fue hasta el otro lado de la sala para hablar conmigo

to cross from Newhaven to Dieppe pasar or cruzar de Newhaven a Dieppe

“cross out what does not apply” “táchese lo que no proceda”


to mark sth with a cross marquer qch d’une croix

a cross between .

a cross between a donkey and a horse un croisement de l’ânesse et du cheval

a cross between a song and a poem un mélange de chanson et de poème

to hit a cross to sb centrer sur qn

to cross the line between politics and sport franchir la ligne entre la politique et le sport

to get one’s wires crossed, to get one’s lines crossed (fig)

They’ve got their wires crossed.; They’ve got their lines crossed Il y a un malentendu entre eux.

to cross a horse with a donkey croiser un cheval avec une ânesse

to be cross with sb être en colère contre qn

to get cross with sb se fâcher contre qn

to be cross with sb about sth être en colère contre qn à propos de qch

to get cross with sb about sth se fâcher contre qn à propos de qch







we each have our cross to bear (fig) ognuno ha la propria croce (da portare)

it’s a cross between geography and sociology è un misto di geografia e sociologia

to be/get cross with sb (about sth) essere arrabbiato/a/arrabbiarsi con qn (per qc)

it makes me cross when . mi fa arrabbiare quando.

this road crosses the motorway questa strada incrocia or interseca l’autostrada

it crossed my mind that . mi è venuto in mente che.

cross my heart! giuro (sulla mia vita)!

we’ve got a crossed line (Brit) (on telephone) c’è un’interferenza

they’ve got their lines crossed (fig) si sono fraintesi

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