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Oct 13 2017

Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer #chicago #criminal #defense #lawyer


Highly Experienced Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Judge James A. Shapiro (ret.), a respected former judge located in Chicago, IL, represents state and federal criminal clients in felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile cases. By combining passion, knowledge, and a personal commitment to every case, Shapiro achieves impressive results with the utmost integrity.

Judge Shapiro (ret.) recently testified as an expert witness on expert testimony in a disciplinary case by the American Academy of Forensic Scientists against one of its odontology (bite mark identification) experts accused of making material misrepresentations from case to case.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have gotten arrested or are under investigation for a criminal charge, choosing the best Chicago criminal defense attorney is the most important decision you will ever make. The outcome can affect your life forever, so it is crucial that you work with the best criminal defense attorney. Judge James A. Shapiro (ret.) provides clients with a systematic, aggressive approach to criminal proceedings that will provide you with the best defense for your case. Judge Shapiro (ret.) understands this is a difficult, stressful, and sensitive time for you and your family and will be with you every step of the process to defend your rights during the investigation stages through the trial.

Judge James A. Shapiro (ret.) served in the Circuit Court of Cook County for over five years from 2007-2012. During those five-plus years, he was one of the relatively few judges to hear both civil and criminal cases. Among other things, he heard felonies, misdemeanors, traffic, landlord/tenant disputes, and commercial litigation. Based on that judicial experience, the Chicago Bar Association rated him “Highly Qualified,” its highest rating.


with a Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer

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