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Jul 31 2017

5 Essentials for a Complete Business Foundation- Starting with a Complete LLC or Corporate FOrmation-All


The Five Essentials for a Complete Business Foundation

FORMATION (launch with confidence) If you re not sure which state (Nevada. Delaware. Wyoming or your home state) to incorporate in or whether an LLC or other entity is best for your business, you ve come to the right place. These are important decisions with real financial and compliance implications. Too many business owners have learned the hard way that the default online incorporation option can lead to expensive trouble later on (like buying a car without brakes). Every NCP incorporation package includes a fast and complete diagnostic session to help you choose the best options for your business.

COMPLIANCE (operate as a separate legal entity) Forming an LLC or corporation is an important first step, but there s much more to running and operating the LLC or corporation as a complete business. You must run and manage the LLC or corporation as separate legal entity to keep the liability protection. You will have access to easy to complete instructions (both written, video and live support) to complete the corporate and LLC formalities within our record book. As you may know, 80-95% of new businesses go under in the first five years. NCP exists to reverse that trend and help entrepreneurs avoid becoming another failure statistic. With NCP you get a live expert (and online support) not an online form robot. NCP saves you money by eliminating the most common (and expensive) new business mistakes. We cover the bases that the online services miss to help keep you in compliance!

TAXES (maximize your business deductions and bullet proof your records from an IRS audit) Small businesses and home businesses are prime IRS audit targets do you know for sure that your records will stand up to IRS scrutiny. Are your personal and business holdings properly documented, separated and protected? Getting the right documentation in place keeps the IRS off your back and helps you KEEP what you earn by capturing every legal deduction you can. NCP offers complete tools, checklists and support services that give you the competitive edge of certainty in all of these areas.

FUNDING(secure money to start and grow your business) Lack of funding is one of the top reasons for early business failure, but that s not the only reason why business credit is important. Clients, suppliers and joint venture partners ALL look at business credit profiles. Many business owners are pleasantly surprised to learn that they may still qualify for several types of business credit even if they ve been turned down at the bank. NCP can help you build a solid profile and connect you with resources that will boost your company s credibility and fundability .

PROFITS (let’s help you beat the odds and be part of the Top 5% ) With thousands of successful incorporations behind us, backed by best practices from the world s top legal, tax and business strategists. we know how to get you from where you are to where you want to be quickly and affordably. The expert resources that come with our incorporation packages help you make afast start to profits by connecting you with lucrative ideas like joint ventures to spark steady growth. NCP clears the path and positions your business to make the most profit in the shortest time.

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